All In Tune

A chromatic tuner for acoustic, electric and bass guitars.


After opening the app, you’ll see a visualization of the input audio signal. The detected note will be displayed in the middle of the screen and a complementary status message will be shown at the bottom. Tune your instrument up or down while observing the status message or the tuning visualization. When the screen lights up green and the status message says Perfect!, you’re in tune. It is recommended to tune your instrument in a quiet environment.

If you want to tune a bass guitar, you’ll need to change the instrument type in the settings menu to Bass. Please remember to change this setting back to Guitar if you want to tune an acoustic or electric guitar.

Some microphones are more sensitive than others. If the status message never reads No signal in a quiet environment, then your microphone is too sensitive. You can lower the sensitivity in the settings menu.


  • Contains a reference list of common tunings
  • Conventional FFT-based audio analysis
  • Accuracy of ≤ 1 Hz
  • Continuous audio spectrum visualization
  • Adjustable graphics quality
  • Power save mode